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Shanxi Shida Forging Co., Ltd

It has 3 forging equipment, 30 machining equipment, and annual production capacity of 9000 tons.


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Shanxi Shida Forging Co., Ltd in Dingxiang is situated in the well known forging home of Dingxiang country,Shanxi Province.Rich in natural and energy resources, with fairly convenient tramc and communication facilities, its conditions are pretty good for the customers.


Our company has an advanced production 1ine for steelmelting, forging thermal treatment,mechanic working, physical and chemical in spection and surface treatments.We enjoy strong technological potence and advanced equipment and complete in— spection means.The trustworthy service and the outstanding prestige of our company provide a so1id foundation for all our cus- tomers from both home and abroad.


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Making a point of the far sighted benefits,refuseing the short-term bebavior.Maintenance from a business for winning relation composing ecosystem system.To provide the high-quality product for the customer with all strength with lifelong of superior quality service try our best.We belleve in the business morals of the customer supremacy.Forever satisfy the basic wishes in customers to be the core of the conduct and actions business enterprise activity.,We abandon the conservative ideas,continue to ground research,study,absorb new techmique.Apply the new technique with the quickest speed into the product and service.

Shanxi Shida Forging Co., Ltd

Our company will continue to strengthen contact with customers at home and abroad in the future.



Dongcun Industrial Zone, Dingxiang County, Shanxi Province


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