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It has 3 forging equipment, 30 machining equipment, and annual production capacity of 9000 tons.

Forging classification, characteristics and equipment used

Forging is a processing method that uses forging machinery to apply pressure to metal blanks to produce plastic deformation to obtain forgings with certain mechanical properties, certain shapes and sizes. Forging (forging and stamping) is one of the two major components.

Forging flame heating equipment and its application 1-intermittent charging flame heating equipment

Common flame heating equipment for forging is mainly divided into intermittent charging and continuous charging according to the charging method.

Standard of flange gasket

There are many standards for flange gaskets. Guangdong Zhongxiang can customize them according to the physical and chemical characteristics of the medium and the pressure level. Besides, everyone knows that flange gaskets include asbestos rubber gaskets, metal gaskets, four[fú] gaskets, aluminum gaskets, toothed gaskets, stainless steel gaskets, metal winding gaskets, annealed copper gaskets, etc. according to the nature of the material industry. Sealing products. Each flange gasket has its own standards in various industries and applications.

Flange knowledge|What are the difficulties in processing national standard flanges?

Pasting is simple. When processing national standard flanges, the chips are hard and the cutting temperature is high. When the hard chips flow through the rake face, adhesion, welding and other adhesion phenomena will occur, which will affect the external brightness of the processed parts; work hardening requirements It is very strict. When using the national standard flange, there are many factors that affect the performance of the national standard flange. First, the annealing temperature is under ideal conditions, the annealing temperature is low enough to ensure the annealing of the primer sequence, and the annealing temperature is high enough to reduce non-special characteristics. For heterosexual separation, the reasonable annealing temperature is 55°C~70°C. Secondly, it can sometimes be replaced by cutting, powder metallurgy, casting, hot forging, sheet metal forming and other processes, or it can be separated from these processes to form a composite process .

The different manifestations of flanges of different standards are mainly in these aspects

Flange is a part that connects between shaft and shaft, used for connection between pipe ends; it is also used for flange on equipment inlet and outlet, used for connection between two equipment, such as reducer flange. In fact, flanges are divided into standard and non-standard. The so-called standard flange refers to the flange produced in strict accordance with the national or industry standards during the production of the flange, while the non-standard flange is based on the actual situation and the customer. Non-standard flanges customized for specific requirements. Among them, the standard flange is the flange type that can be bought on the market.

Let's learn about the heat treatment process of flanges!

Flanges are commonly used parts in some large pipeline projects, but because many people are very unfamiliar with such parts as flanges, they don't know what flanges are. So what exactly is a flange? Let's take a look!

The main function of flange and accident analysis

The main function of the flange: the flange is a ring made of a material that can produce plastic deformation and has a certain strength. Most flanges are cut from non-metallic plates, or manufactured by professional factories according to specified dimensions. These materials include asbestos rubber sheets, asbestos sheets, PTFE sheets, polyethylene sheets, etc., and flanges made of non-metallic materials such as asbestos wrapped with thin metal sheets (white iron, stainless steel)


定襄县是闻名的 “中国锻造之乡”,锻造业是全县的传统支柱产业,许多企业拥有自营出口权,有各个标准的质量体系认证,在国际国内市场上享有盛誉。这次由定襄县委、县政府和重庆市长安汽车股份有限公司共同举办的2010中国·定襄(重庆)锻造产品推介会,是定襄第一次走出山西举办的专业性招商引资活动,也是定襄县委、县政府贯彻落实省委、省政府提出的“转型发展 跨越发展”总思路,加强晋渝企业的交流与合作,把定襄的锻造企业、锻造产品推出去,逐步建立定襄与重庆大企业、大集团的战略联盟,实现双方企业的优势互补,全面推动定襄经济持续快速发展的重大举措。推介会上,两地的企业进行了现场对接,并达成了多项合作意向。
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